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LEE Kennel Mfg.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality kennel in the industry.


I got into the dog kennel business by providing business development and marketing assistance to the kennel manufacturing industry. As an independent consultant, I visited many kennels, veterinary clinics, boarding facilities, shelters, and even doggie day care facilities in people's homes. One thing was obvious – whether the facility was plain or plush, every dog, whether it had been pampered or neglected, deserved a kennel that was hygienic and comfortable for its stay in any facility. And I wanted those facilities to be able to provide that environment with a well designed and attractive kennel.

If the dog feels clean and safe - that's a happy dog... and a happy owner.

I decided to start a kennel manufacturing business that would meet, and beat, these criteria using my own patent-pending designs.

My background is in industrial design, business development, contract manufacturing, marketing, and sales. In this job, I get to do a little of each!





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