Site preparation / Planning

We will discuss site requirements with you and your design / facilities person if applicable, when we configure the kennels for your facility.

Make arrangements to have your cleaning and drainage systems installed prior to the installation of the kennels. Options include a vacuum system, sloped flooring with a central drain, or drains in individual kennels. A vacuum system can be installed after the kennels are in place. However, if you are planning a drain system, you need to finish installing sloping floors, trenches, and drains prior to installing the kennels.

Other specifics unique to your site (such as the location of electric wall plates, internal or external doorways, lighting, heating and cooling, etc.) should be planned for and completed prior to installation of the kennels.

If the kennels are backed by a wall in your facility, the wall needs to be impervious to moisture to ensure that the kennels can be kept mold, mildew, and contamination free. The wall surface could be painted with an epoxy-based paint. The walls could also be 1/8" HDPE, tile, or coated concrete.

If the kennel floor is concrete, it should be covered with an epoxy-coated floor sealant.

Check out the installation instructions for additional considerations.


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